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Meet our Team!

The Management Team

Scott Crownover
Cathi Barta
Rose Vogel
HR Manager
Corey Hill
Operations Manager
Katie Miller
Retail-Ready & Grower-Ready Manager
Darin Schlepp
Supply Chain Manager
Steve Tabor
Watsonville, CA General Manager
Debbie Thorne
Agricultural Division Manager
Harold Henkel
Logistics Manager

Skagit Gardens Retail-Ready Sales Team

800-753-8372 •

Crystal Cady
Account Manager
Lucia Christie
Account Manager
Kristy Hoffman
Account Manager
Macy Lindsay
Account Manager


Melanie MacKinnon
Account Manager

Skagit Horticulture Grower-Ready Sales Team

800-459-3142 •

Skagit Horticulture sells all Grower-Ready products through our network of broker partners.
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Commercial Agriculture Sales Team

Debbie Thorne
Agricultural Division Manager
Cameron Fox
Specialty Agriculture Sales