Meet our Team!

The Management Team

Scott Crownover
Cathi Barta
Dave Edenfield
Sales and Marketing Manager
Harold Henkel
Logistics Manager
Corey Hill
Operations Manager
Darin Schlepp
Supply Chain Manager
Steve Tabor
Watsonville, CA General Manager
Jerrin Victor
Mabton, WA General Manager
Rose Vogel
HR Manager

Skagit Gardens Finished Sales Team

800-753-8372 •

Katie Miller
Finished Sales Department Manager
Crystal Cady
Account Manager
Lucia Christie
Account Manager
Kristy Hoffman
Account Manager
Macy Lindsay
Account Manager
Melanie MacKinnon
Account Manager
Teri Walsh
Account Manager
Danielle Young
Account Manager

Skagit Horticulture Liner Sales Team

800-459-3142 •

Marc Radsma
Young Plant Program Manager
Randy Preusse
Sales Representative
Tom Contrisciano
Sales Representative

Commercial Agriculture Sales Team

Debbie Thorne
Agriculture Division Manager
Cameron Fox
Specialty Agriculture Sales

The Etera Sales Team

877-694-7613 •

Darcy Drysdale
Account Manager